My Inspiration

I am an artist whose inspiration stems from natural elements and relics of the past. Working primarily in silver, I design each piece of jewelry to complement the physical characteristics of a specific stone or object. These characteristics, imbued with tattered textures, faded colors, and long-forgotten stories, reflect the mysterious journey from their origin to wearable art.

My Journey

I was fortunate to grow up in a small beach community in NJ. A short walk down the block immersed my toes in the sand and filled my lungs with ocean-scented air. This is where my love for all things nature, ocean, and beach-related began.

During that time, my family owned a jewelry store on the local boardwalk. As a child, I wasn't as interested in the jewelry as much as I was in the treasures at the rock and shell shop next door. I spent hours examining fossils and stones, absorbing every texture and every detail. I dedicated time to learn the names of rocks, shells and fish that never reached our beach. I purchased my first fossil from that shop and have been captivated by nature and ancient objects ever since. 

Little did I know how those early experiences would shape the style and tone of the jewelry I now create. I am profoundly grateful for those formative opportunities that nurtured my creatively adventurous spirit. I have come full circle and by returning to my jewelry roots, have found my artistic calling.